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Tianjin Huarong International Logistics Co.,Ltd
Address:The 5th floor, Unit 2, II-A, JinBin JieZuo Office Building, No.98, Huanghai Road, TEDA, Tianjin, China
Tel :022-25278518
Automobile Transportation

       Automobile transportation is the most important link in logistics. As a comprehensive supporting service department of Huarong International Logistics, we have 50 heavy flat dump semi-trailers and 30 heavy semi-trailers. Main business of automobile transportation: short distance and long distance transportation of containers, including ship pickup and unloading, storage, reverse transportation and other related supporting businesses.
       Huarong International fleet have more than 1 million tons of imported ore and more than 800,000 tons of grain cargo every year on average. Huarong International fleet has close and long-term business cooperation with tianjin Port International Logistics, East Xinjiang Huisheng Wharf, North Xinjiang No.1 company wharf, Fourth company wharf, South Xinjiang coke wharf, coal wharf, sailing wharf, Lingang wharf, Nanang wharf and other wharf companies. At the same time, huarong international fleet is familiar with the operation rules and procedures of Tianjin port, and has rich practical experience, which can effectively promote the smooth and fast transportation of goods.