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Tianjin Huarong International Logistics Co.,Ltd
Address:The 5th floor, Unit 2, II-A, JinBin JieZuo Office Building, No.98, Huanghai Road, TEDA, Tianjin, China
Tel :022-25278518
Semi-coke,Coke,Coal, Break Bulk Cargo Export Agent

       Tianjin port is China’s first, the world's largest Semi-coke,coke,coal, break bulk cargo export port. Huarong international logistics have strong financial strength, good market reputation, extensive and reliable ports, customer relations, excellent professional personnel team and high quality and efficient operation level, Huarong international logistics provides customers with the export agency business of blue charcoal, coke, coal, sundry goods and other products, with an annual agency volume of more than 2 million tons. Semi-coke export agent has become the focus of huarong International Logistics' export business, providing high-quality services for export shipment of railway and highway from Shenmu, Shanxi to Tianjin port coke wharf, coal wharf, Nangang wharf and other general cargo terminals, including port warehousing, railway distribution, truck handling, transfer, shipment, screening and other services. 
       According to customer's exports to Indonesia and Malaysia has completed and under construction in the factory to provide the whole package port agency services, on long-term export of materials and equipment to provide one-stop services, products involved in coke, semi-coke, electrode paste, refractories, castable, loader, etc., export region has been all over southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea, the European Union, India, etc.