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Tianjin Huarong International Logistics Co.,Ltd
Address:The 5th floor, Unit 2, II-A, JinBin JieZuo Office Building, No.98, Huanghai Road, TEDA, Tianjin, China
Tel :022-25278518
Ore Import Agent

       Ore import agent is one of the core business of Huarong international logistics. We provide comprehensive services, such as Manganese ore, chromium ore, bauxite, nickel ore, iron ore and so on to provide customs declaration, inspection, supervision of loading and unloading, warehousing, warehousing and railway, road shipping and other comprehensive services etc.
       We have international freight agent qualification approved by the Ministry of Transportation. We have professional bulk logistics operation team, comprehensive process management, not only can provide 24 hours of service, relevant information to customers about ship, cargo and others, then feedback to the customer timely, but also can provide professional services of port logistics and design personalized logistics solutions for clients. For customers with demurage dispatch requirements, coordinate all parties to optimize berthing plan in advance to increase the probability of expediting dispatch.
       We use modern office means to inform the customers timely and accurately about the progress of the business, and perfect management to reduce the loss of goods, special inspection to help customers supervise the goods.