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Contact us
Dong Baolin(general manager): 13821151898
Lin Yongliang(vice general manager): 13820363593
Dong Yang(vice general manager):13820584052
Gan Kanglu (manager of business department):15022006751
Huarong Culture

         Tianjin Huarong International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and  registered capital is 80 million Yuan. There are about 170 staffs currently. It is also a comprehensive logistics enterprise with independent legal personality qualification. Our main business includes freight forwarding agent for bulk ore imports, container imports and exports, coke, semi-coke,coal , break bulk cargo and alloy exports, at the same time, including customs clearance, transportation, warehousing and other related supporting business.

         Tianjin Huarong International Logistics Co., Ltd. agent all kinds of imported ore each year, an average of 14 million tons, of which agent manganese ore quantity reach more than 60% of the total manganese ore of Tianjin port, the agent export alloy, ore miscellaneous, charcoal, and steel, totaling about 1.5 million tons. Export container booking an average of 1500 TEU per month. Imported 4000 TEU container per month. We have 100000 square meters of self-operated storage yard and 12000 square meters closed warehouse. We have 50 port container special vehicles and bulk cargo transport vehicles.  Meanwhile we have three special railway lines for cooperation with 136 Inner Mongolia Bureau, National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration near Tianpishan Industrial Park in Nei Menggu Wulanchabu. There are nearly 100,000 square meters of freight yards, one zhengmiandiao, zhuangzaiji, chache  container and wagon rail loading to meet the railway loading and unloading, alloy and other finished products and raw material ore storage business.         

         Tianjin Huarong international logistics committed to be a comprehensive high-end logistics provider to provide full of the whole supply chain logistics solutions and services to high quality customer. We not only provide high quality service to customers, especially is the enterprise development strategic partner for high-end customers. Let us get win-win future and side by side with customers.