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Contact us
Dong Baolin(general manager): 13821151898
Lin Yongliang(vice general manager): 13820363593
Dong Yang(vice general manager):13820584052
Gan Kanglu (manager of business department):15022006751

Partners and project introduction

       There are 212 enterprises that have signed agreements and continued business cooperation with our company, among which there are 42 central and state-owned enterprises. The cooperative cargo covers manganese ore, chromium ore, semi-coal, coke, alloy, general cargo and container import and export port agency business, storage business and domestic and foreign transportation business. Our partners are all over the central enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanjing, Jiangsu, Lianyungang, Xiamen, Guangxi, Guangdong, Anhui, Guizhou and other provinces and cities. Central enterprises, state-owned issuing companies, mines and many trading companies, as well as Shaanxi Yulin, Shenmu, Fugu and other places of coking plants, metal magnesium plants and a number of trading companies; And Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu Huide Industrial Park, Tianpi Mountain industrial Park, Fengzhen industrial park and other industrial parks smelting silicon-manganese and high carbon ferrochrome production enterprises; Taisha Industrial Park, Shizuishan Industrial Park, Pingluo County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, smelting silicon-manganese and electrolytic manganese production enterprises and surrounding coking plants maintain long-term stable logistics and transportation business; In addition, our company also has deep cooperation with smelting enterprises and mines in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Our cooperation projects include: import customs clearance and port agency of foreign ores, whole-package export of equipment and materials for the early construction of foreign factories and long-term export agency business of daily consumable materials.